The Situation

The Codeblack / Lionsgate teams were looking for a new approach to Kevin Hart’s branding.  They had a new movie coming out with a limited amount of time to produce marketing materials.  Their request was to make something that would set Kevin Hart apart.  Legendary.  Iconic.  Game changing.

The Work

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The Solution

We developed several looks for Kevin Hart’s “Let Me Explain”; however, there was one particular idea that stood out from the rest.  We added a tagline communicating to the audience “Witness the Rise of a Legend.”  As you can see from the video, he loved it!

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The Results

“Let Me Explain” was the 4th highest grossing Stand Up Comedy Concert Movie of all time, only behind Eddie Murphy’s “Raw”, The Original Kings of Comedy and Richard Pryor’s “Live On the Sunset Strip.”

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